Doolin, a small traditional fishing site, has something abstract about its scattered, silent, international walkers. The landscape is indeed that of a lost end of land at the end of an uncertain geography. But the village also offers its tourist facilities.

Less than 2 hours by bus from Galway, it is an ideal base from which to explore some of the most beautiful natural sites in all of Ireland: the famous Cliffs of Moher, which can be reached in 1 hour and 30 minutes on foot, the Burren region, whose trails start just outside the village, and the Aran Islands, which can be reached in 30 minutes from the landing stage. Doolin also has charming hotels and a handful of pubs to make the return trips pleasant.

Its small, friendly community seems not to be too jaded by the number of visitors. During the summer months, the evenings are particularly lively, as music is played every night in three different pubs. Doolin is a popular place for Galway's youth to spend a weekend in the green, between exhilarating cliff-top walks and warm pub crawl evenings to music.

Another pleasure is to walk on the lunar beach where small, brightly coloured flowers grow between large, flat rocks. A relaxing atmosphere reigns here, and surfers also enjoy spending a few days at the seaside campsite...

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