The village is home to the Chanterelles cheese dairy, located in the locality known as Les Renards. Here, the Fourme des Chanterelles, Meule, bleu, Corrézien, P'titDome are made... The village is also known for its pretty chapel Notre-Dame d'Eygurande, also called chapel of the Virgin and Child, which is the subject of a pilgrimage on the1st Sunday of September. Pilgrims go to the nearby Chapel of the Virgin, which became a devotional fountain in 1720 after a statuette of the Virgin and Child was discovered in a nearby meadow. Also worth seeing is the small Romanesque church of Saint-Loup-de-Limoges from theXIVe et17th century. You can hike in the massif des Agriers, a remarkable forest of preserved nature.

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