It is a paradise for surfers and lovers of fine sandy beaches, between sea and coconut trees... The Atlantic Ocean bathes the north coast, to the west of which lies the small peninsula on which the San Felipe Castle was built in 1540, while to the east lies Long Beach, a magnificent beach of golden sand, recently developed. A fossil resin, amber, secreted by the pines of the Miocene, has made this region a special place, now known as the Amber Coast, as it is home to one of the largest deposits in the world. Sugar cane, imported to the island by Christopher Columbus, was first sown in 1493. In the province of Puerto Plata coffee, cocoa, tobacco, sugar and meat are produced and exported. Liquors and dairy products are also produced and leather and skin are processed. However, most of the population is engaged in fishing.

Puerto Plata, capital of the north coast, lines up its surprising Victorian houses. The gingerbread patterns, filigree intertwined wood filigrees and the pastel colours of the houses and public buildings give it a vintage and romantic atmosphere. Between sea and mountains, 235 km from Santo Domingo, "La Novia del Átlantico" (the Atlantic fiancée) did not fail to seduce the discoverer of the island. On January 11, 1493, Christopher Columbus was so dazzled by the beauty of the sea and the intense blue of the sky that he named this enchanting place Puerto Plata, that is, the Silver Port. Puerto Plata, with its 11 km of beach, is currently experiencing a real tourist boom.

15 km northeast of Puerto Plata, Sosua is home to a large community of descendants of European immigrants who arrived in the Dominican Republic in 1940, mostly Germans and Austrians fleeing Nazi persecution. The presence of these groups strongly influenced the lifestyle and socio-economic development of the area and the small village of 1940 became an important commercial and tourist area. The beach of Sosua opens onto a splendid bay that offers swimmers an exceptional panorama: a long strip of golden sand in all shades, which contrasts with the green of the palm and almond trees. Over time, hotel structures have developed that are perfectly integrated into the natural environment. Thus, whoever stays in Sosua can enjoy all the modern comforts without giving up the peaceful calm of a fishing beach. Sosua is also the "Mecca" of diving in the Dominican Republic.

A few kilometres further east of Sosua, between small inns and restaurants on the beach, is Cabarete, an emblematic tourist locality. Here, there is no coral reef but a long bay where it is good to bask. A paradise for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing lovers, Cabarete is an ideal place to practice surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. The windsurfers elected it as one of the ten best spots in the world.

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