The wind sometimes works miracles, the village of Cabarete has always been a small fishing village, but today it is entirely dedicated to tourism and is located on either side of the main road, along the beach. This explosion is linked to the discovery by windsurfers, some twenty years ago, of this place where a good wind blows all year round with clocklike regularity. Its tourist infrastructures are spread out on both sides of the road that runs along the coast, made a little dangerous by the incessant traffic. Benefiting from strong winds and waves that are sometimes impressive, Cabarete is ranked among the ten best spots in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Here, there is little local colour, but a real festive atmosphere that is both sporty and international. Everything is possible on these 3 km of sandy beaches bordered by coconut palms: activities and accommodation possibilities abound.

To get your bearings, you should know that here there is no mixing of religions: the western part of the beach, towards Punta Goleta is now called Kite Beach and is reserved for... kite surfers, while the central part remains the domain of windsurfers.

Cabarete also has its own rhythm of life. The morning is traditionally reserved for the practice of land sports (tennis, mountain biking...) or gliding sports that do not require wind (water skiing, wake-boarding) or for a sleepy morning of recovery after the night fiestas, while the afternoon is devoted to aquatic activities on the sea. The beach then becomes the stage for an incessant and multicoloured ballet of hundreds of fluorescent sails as soon as the wind picks up. If you have decided to swim at the same time, it is better to move a few hundred meters away from the windsurfing clubs or prefer the pool!

Strategically located on the north coast, Cabarete also offers many possibilities for half or full day excursions (Puerto Plata, Santiago, Moca, Rio San Juan, Playa Grande...).

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