If you are a lover of beautiful, almost deserted beaches and lush nature, here is a place to discover urgently! It's one of our North Shore favorites. This small, remote and authentic fishing village is already beginning to attract promoters. The village borders the bay indolently; the brightly coloured fishing boats sway nonchalantly to the rhythm of the waves, and the fishermen laze in their hammocks under the palm trees as they return from the sea. A few children walk along the beach proudly carrying their harpoons with freshly caught fish that they will sell to local comedores. Here, we live in slow motion, far from any tourist frenzy.

The pristine beach, fringed with palm trees, stretches voluptuously for miles before coming up against an 8 km deep mangrove forest.

The village is an excellent base to enjoy the many activities of the destination. Cayo Arena first of all, a small island a few kilometers off the village. You can get there by boat from Punta Rucia or La Ensenada.

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