Situated at the end of the Gulf of Finland, west of St. Petersburg, Kronstadt is one of those few places where Russian history was played out and is worth a look during an extended stay in the city. It is here, on the island of Kotline, that the glorious Kronstadt fortress, built by Peter the Great in 1703, is located. Kronstadt was designed to block the Baltic Sea from St. Petersburg and became an important naval base for the Russian fleet, which defended Leningrad during the Second World War. It was previously the scene of the few uprisings in the tormented history of pays : in 1825, an uprising of Kronstadt sailors during the movement décembriste ; in 1917, a revolt against the government Kerenski ; in 1921, mutiny against Soviet power, followed by a ruthless repression led by Trotsky. A heroic citadel that for three centuries protected the access to the former capital, Kronstadt never failed to comply with the order given to it by Peter the Great to ensure the defence of the fleet and the site to the last manpower. La forteresse was disarmed and 1957 mais remained closed until the early 1990s.

Kronstadt still includes a port. La majorité of its inhabitants are sailors. Le centre of the city (crossed by two canals) still has a certain historical character, with its docks, hospitals, admiralty, and naval schools. One of them occupies the faded Italian palace of Prince Menshikov. All over the island you can come across fortifications, disused warehouses, turrets, remains of submarines and ships. The fortress of Kronstadt was one of the best fortified ports in the world. Il est still possible to visit some of its forts today (there were 42  in total), including Fort Konstantin in the south of the island. From this fort you can also reach by boat Fort Chumnoy (the newest on the island), where research for a vaccine against bubonic plague was also carried out between 1897 et 1917. Ce fort on the sea now serves as a venue for summer rave parties and can be reached by boat from St. Petersburg or Kronstadt.

The simplest method, in summer, is to take the Meteor launches. Choosing this means of locomotion includes the full 6-hour guided tour. The program includes a walking tour of the city's sites + the round trip by Meteor. The trip on the Baltic Sea is worthwhile in itself. Several agencies offer this beautiful tour:

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