We leave the road to Rostov and follow a dirt track on the left that leads through fields and hills to the village of Nikolskoye. The wooden houses are arranged all around a large pond, the setting is most pleasant. In the 13th century, Nikolskoye was ruled by Yuri Dolgoruki's grandson, Prince Vladimir Vsevolodovich, and later by Prince Vasilko Constantinovich. Under Ivan the Terrible, the village was given to the bishop's house of Rostov.

Opposite the village cemetery stands the Church of the Transfiguration (Preobrajenia) built in 1700 by order of Metropolitan Iosaf of Rostov on the foundations of the wooden church of St. Nicholas (built, according to legend, by the famous voivode Gromilo). The upper part of the Church of the Transfiguration is decorated with shells, a late resonance of the architecture of the Archangelic Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. Inside, a fresco from the beginning of the 18th century is quite well preserved.

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