The Lake Brienz region is one of the wonders that Switzerland has to offer to nature lovers. The lake, in the heart of forests and mountains, seduces first of all by its colours, all in shades of grey, green and blue. The banks, very steep and mountainous to the north, made of hills and fields to the south, offer a great variety. You can enjoy this variety during a boat trip. Brienz is a pleasant little town in a flat area by the lake, where recent chalets (modern construction on the ground floor, housing a shop, and chalet-style construction above) alternate with old ones in the Swiss mountain style. All the houses are dark wooden cottages. With the exception of the Adler Hotel at the railway station, the accommodation offers are on the heights. Beautiful walks therefore along its banks, with a view of the mountains with your feet in the water. Base camp also for hiking in the Oberland. The plus: it is possible to follow courses in woodcarving, the specialty of the city.

Entlebuch Biosphere. Just a few kilometres from Brienz, expect to discover a very marshy area classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO for this particularity, with pre-alpine karstic karst to be discovered on a hike. It is here that the largest and most numerous marshes in the country are found, as well as special flora and fauna.

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