Also known as German-speaking Switzerland, the German-speaking part of Switzerland is the German-speaking part of the Swiss Confederation. It covers about 65% of the country and takes its name from the Alamans, a Germanic people who settled in the region in the 5th century. Despite linguistic kinship, the German-speaking Swiss have relatively little affinity with their German neighbours. German-speaking Switzerland was separated from the rest of the German-speaking regions in the late Middle Ages, officially since the Treaties of Westphalia in 1648. In any case, tourists should be aware that German is spoken predominantly in this part of Switzerland. Those who do not master the language of Goethe will, however, sometimes be able to make themselves understood in French and most often in English.

German-speaking Switzerland is home to Switzerland's largest cities, Zurich and Basel, not forgetting the capital Bern, as well as beautiful Alpine landscapes reminiscent of the gentle Heidi in Graubünden or Appenzel, and beautiful medieval villages.

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