Archipelago of small islands, located in the arm of Lake Maggiore between Stresa and Pallanza, the Borromean Islands are one of the tourist pearls of Italy. The three islands, an islet and a rock are still today the property of the powerful Lombard family of the Borromeo. Since the 14th century they have transformed Isola Madre and Isola Bella into sumptuous places of pleasure, a paradise of pleasures articulated between hanging gardens, orange groves, sculpted caves, fountains and peacocks with feathers of a thousand colours, which today enchant visitors as they did the courts of yesteryear. As an anecdote, it was on Isola Madre that the wedding between John Elkann, heir of the Agnelli family and president of Fiat, and Lavinia Borromeo took place in September 2004. Isola dei Pescatori, which belongs to the municipality of Stresa, is the only island still inhabited by a few fishing families.

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