Bern, with more than 135,000 inhabitants, is a city not to be missed for two reasons: it is the capital of the country but, above all, its old town is a real architectural gem, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its six kilometres of arcades, one of the longest covered shopping promenades in Europe, Bern is a city where strolling is pure pleasure. There is a sumptuous mix of medieval architecture (such as the Clock Tower and the City Hall) and architecture open to the most modern trends, such as the Zentrum Paul Klee building, opened in 2005. In addition to its historic towers and eleven incomparable fountains, which decorate the main streets and tell the story of Bern, there is also the seat of the Swiss government, the latest proof of the astonishing dynamism and openness of this city. Remember also that Einstein developed his theory of relativity here and that Tobler made the world-famous Toblerone chocolate here. Its surprising and enchanting architecture has also made it the centre of many German and Swiss noir novels and thrillers. Numerous films are also shot here, taking advantage of the strange mixture of almost gothic stones in the fog. More cheerfully, Basel is also the venue for many events with a carnival, festivals, running races....

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