A natural park of 10,236 hectares offering superb possibilities for walking and cycling. You will discover magnificent landscapes of mountains and forests (including the last oak forest in the country). There are also three lakes within its boundaries. It is home to many species of birds as well as deer.

The park is divided into two parts. An entrance is within walking distance from Killarney town centre, which is next to St Mary's Cathedral. This is the entrance to Golden Gates, which leads to Ross Road, a path through the park at the end of which is Ross Castle and the landing stage for Innisfallen Island.

The other entrance to the park is 5 km off the N71, south-west of Killarney. This is the main entrance to the Muckross House, where the visitor centre for the whole park is located, as well as Muckross Traditional Farms and Torc Waterfall. We can get there by taxi from the village. In the summer season, hitchhiking also works quite well. For both of these sites, cycling remains the best way to get around. Bicycle paths have been laid out and it is an ideal opportunity to explore all these sites in an afternoon or a day. Guided tours are also available from Killarney. Ask at the tourist office for times and prices.

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