Second city of Ireland after Dublin, Cork has the appearance of a capital, a status that its 210,000 inhabitants ardently claim. Cork, which was the cultural capital of Europe in 2005, is home to several historical monuments, art galleries, museums, theatres and countless typical pubs. Taking advantage of the current benefits of the European Union, many European students choose Cork for their studies and many French people can be found here. Like Ireland as a whole, the city has experienced a dazzling economic boom, notably thanks to the importance of its port nestled in a huge bay, and to the establishment of leading companies. This sudden prosperity (unfortunately slowed down by the recession of 2008) did not erase the beauty of the landscape and the kindness of the inhabitants.

Affectionately dubbed "the real capital of Ireland" by its residents, Cork has a proud tradition of resisting English rule. Indeed, it was here that the 1492 rebellion against the King of England took place, and since then it has been known as "Rebel Cork" - the local sports teams are nicknamed "The Rebel".

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