Killarney enjoys an exceptional geographical situation which attracts whole coaches of tourists. People come here mainly to explore Killarney National Park and the famous Ring of Kerry. The history of the city is closely linked to religion. Indeed, in the 7th century, a monastery was founded by Saint Finian on the island of Inisfallen and Killarney became an important religious centre. But it wasn't until the 18th century that Killarney really developed, when Lord Kenmare turned it into a tourist centre. Since then, tourism has continued to grow and the number of visitors has increased. While Killarney already has an impressive amount of accommodation, several hotel projects have taken shape... to the point where some residents complain that they can no longer find affordable accommodation for themselves.

The city itself is nothing exceptional and is mainly concentrated around a main street, High Street, where most of the restaurants, pubs, cafes and souvenir shops are located. But it is around the city that the real wealth of this region is to be found. Nature lovers will find at its gates the splendid Killarney Nature Park, which marks the entrance to the Ring of Kerry.

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