The village is rooted at the confluence of two alpine torrents, La Tinée and La Guerche, at an altitude of 870m. For a long time under the control of powerful families - including 3 centuries of Thorame Glandèves - the commune of Isola managed to free itself and joined the bosom of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. In 1861, after the Italian unification, only Isola became French, while most of the communal territory came under the authority of the Kingdom of Italy. The Mussolini regime builds strategic fortifications on the peaks overlooking the Chastillon valley (see Isola 2000) and the village of Isola is bombed upon liberation. In order to regain the totality of its territory, the commune had to wait until the signing of the treaty that imposed the rectification of the borders between France and Italy on 10 February 1947. Today this picturesque village has managed to keep its traditions and safeguard its heritage which bears witness to its rich past.

The village coat of arms. On the coat of arms of Isola we find: the chestnuts, the keys - attributes of St. Peter, the Patron Saint of the village - as well as the wavy band symbolizing La Tinée and the motto "Libertas" "Fidelitas" which surrounds the date of "1702", the year in which the Isolians became free by redeeming their allegiance to the kingdom of Piedmont Sardinia.

The celebration of Saint Anne's Day on July 26th. The day begins with a procession through the village and then a mass is celebrated by the brotherhood of the White Penitents in the chapel of Sainte-Anne to honour their Patron Saint.

The patronal feast of August 15. Every year around mid-August, Isola village celebrates its patron saint's day. Isolians by heart and by birth, villagers from nearby towns or tourists take part in the many celebrations: speeches, games, honorary aperitif, dinners, concerts, balls, plays, exhibitions...

The Louch Race at the end of August. Do you like a challenge? Whether you're a seasoned sportsman or a running enthusiast, take part in this 13 km (long circuit) or 6 km (short circuit) competition in the heart of nature.

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