Situated at the source of the river La Tinée and at the borders of the department, it is a typical alpine village - the highest in the Alpes-Maritimes - all in preserved and classified stones. As you wander through its cobbled streets that cross each other in a checkerboard pattern, you will discover tall, tightly packed houses with biscourneous facades and sloping roofs, as well as numerous sundials and facades made of dark schist. The serenity of the place is disturbed by the torrent which makes a deafening noise. The Romanesque church is off-centre, nestled in the valley below by the river.

Surrounded by larch and spruce forests, the commune includes the hamlets of Le Pra (1,700 m), the starting point of the route leading to the site of the Lakes of Vens; Bousieyas (1,960 m), the highest hamlet in the department on the famous road to the Col de la Bonette and La Fourche (2,300 m), a ghost military camp dating from 1896 and the last place before attacking the road to the passes.

Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage is considered as the major site for nature sports in the region: cross-country skiing and ski touring are practised here in grandiose virgin landscapes such as the Col de la Braïssa (2,599 m), Mont Aunos (2,514 m), the Croix de Carlé (2,529 m) or the Col de la Moutière (2,454 m). Many other sports activities can also be practiced such as snowshoe hiking or, for the bravest, ice climbing.

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