City of lemon, where it is honored every year in February during a large parade, Menton is also a city of character, boosted by an exceptional climate, a long pebble beach to relax, and gardens particularly well laid out. Between luxuriant nature, culture and art, the city is rich in an exceptional natural and historical heritage. You can discover sublime Belle Epoque palaces, baroque architecture where the perfumes and colours so typical of the region have given them an incomparable cachet. Gateway to Italy since it is the last French city before the border, the Italian architectural influence is obviously omnipresent. The "Pearl of France" as the geographer Élisée Reclus called it has become one of the most famous tourist resorts on the French Riviera. As one of the 120 French cities with the label Ville d'Art et d'Histoire, it is a city of dreams where each step is a journey through six centuries of history and heritage.

A privileged microclimate has led to the blossoming of gardens and essences of flowers and extremely rare plants such as the mythical tree of Easter Island. Plants that are both superb and original that you will love to discover as you stroll through the seven gardens scattered throughout the city. Let's mention the Carnolès garden, the Val Rahmeh, Maria Serena, Fontana rosa, Serre de la Madone, the Colombières, the Clos du Peyronnet. A flora of incomparable richness is highlighted from June to September, during the month of gardens and the Mediterranean Garden Days.

On the art side, you won't be disappointed! And for good reason, the Cocteau Museum-Séverin Wunderman collection, the wedding hall of the Town Hall painted by the same artist, the Bastion, the Fine Arts Museum, the Museum of Regional Prehistory without forgetting the town's art galleries will titillate your curiosity in all seasons.

Don't miss the big events such as the Lemon Festival, absolutely unmissable and world-famous for its processions bursting with citrus fruits, or the Chamber Music Festival, the musical evenings of the Annonciade...

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Mauro Colagreco élu Chef de la Décennie 2010-2019 de la région Sud PACA

It was in 2000 that Gérard Bernar had the idea of having a chef of the decade for the southern region elected by journalists and gastronomic columnists in the southern Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. It was at the Agecotel show that chef Mauro Colagreco received the trophy for the decade 2010-2019 from the hands of the previous winner, Stéphane Raimbault. Chef at the Mirazur restaurant in Menton, he also earned a third star in the ...

87ème édition pour la célèbre Fête du Citron à Menton !

Ready to relive the Golden Fruit Corsos and the Night Corsos in Menton? And yes, it is indeed the Lemon Festival which is about to come to enchant the sweet city of Menton with its grandiose and acidulous parades. The various parades of floats, made up of citrus fruits and animated by groups, are obviously not to be missed, but during the event it is also necessary to go and see the amazing exhibition in the Biovès gardens, with very ...

Cocteau Design : une exposition surprenante au Bastion de Menton

Everyone knows Jean Cocteau the poet, but the new exhibition about to be hung in the Bastion - Musée Jean Cocteau reveals an unexpected facet of the artist: that of a true designer, who has transformed everyday objects into works of art. We discover him here as a fashion designer, poster designer, ceramist, decorator, along a path that leads visitors to look at works with avant-garde trends or even pop culture. Impossible on the occasion of ...

The Lemon Festival is a major event in the city of Menton and attracts up to 200,000 visitors every year. For 15 days, the city gloated under the zest of citrus fruits. During the corsos, nocturnal and golden fruits, tanks more surprising than each other and made of lemons and oranges parade in the heart of the city. In 2020, the Festivals of the World will be celebrated. The floats will take the participants on a journey, with citrus fruit ...