The picturesque streets and sunny squares of this small village make it a favourite place for tourists to relax. As you stroll through the village, you will discover the traces of a distant past, struck by the Wars of Religion and revived by the development of tourism in the 1960s. In the centre of Vias, the colourful facades mingle with the buildings constructed in volcanic stone such as the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste (listed monument dating from the 15th century), a harmony that bears witness to a great wealth. A few kilometres south of the village, the seaside resort and its recent houses offer lovers of idleness or sport its 6 km of fine sandy beaches, water sports and leisure parks and its breathtaking landscapes. In the background, the bucolic landscapes of the Canal du Midi and the 90 km of signposted cycle routes promise great excursions to be enjoyed with family or friends!

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