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Top 10 des chutes d'eau/cascades les plus spectaculaires

Among the most impressive natural spectacles on earth, there is undoubtedly that of waterfalls and waterfalls. Faced with this powerful phenomenon, men feel immediately tiny. They are also amazed by so much splendour, between the water that sometimes flows from hundreds of metres above, the deafening noise and the beauty of the surrounding nature. To all those who have the opportunity to go to the foot of a waterfall during a trip, the time ...

Les 20 plus beaux parcs nationaux dans le monde

Although human activity often ravages ecosystems, some places on the planet are fortunately still protected in order to preserve their natural appearance, prohibiting any intervention that could alter their primary side. The first national park was established in 1872 in the United States, in Yellowstone. Since then, this model has spread around the world and these places where biodiversity is preserved are multiplying around the globe. To ...

Los Roques : l'archipel vénézuélien à découvrir !

A real paradise for divers, Los Roques is the archipelago to discover in Venezuela. With more than 300 species of fish listed and waters between 24 and 28°C, it is the ideal place for a holiday full of discovery but also tranquility. At the moment, Fly To Los Roques offers packages with different packages that include daily departures from Caracas. Los Roques is a national park located 160km from Caracas, it is the largest marine park in ...