10 destinations to discover in 2019

It's decided, this year, travelling will be one of our best resolutions! Don't point the planisphere at random anymore, Petit Futé offers you its selection of destinations to discover in 2019. Exotic, unknown or cultural, all have many surprises in store. From Matera to Jujuy and Kotor, these city names resonate in our ears as stops to discover or rediscover that will mark our travel experiences with a white stone. Pack your bags and let yourself be taken on this world tour for the New Year!

Matera and Basilicata, secret Italy

In southern Italy, located between Puglia, Campania and Calabria, Basilicata is one of the country's most secret regions. Between sea and mountains, it concentrates a splendid variety of landscapes. Among its jewels, the city of Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is fascinating. Its famous sassi - literally pebbles - which shelter houses and churches constitute a unique rocky heritage. This year, many events are expected in Matera, declared European Capital of Culture 2019. To be visited without further delay!

Plovdiv and Bulgaria, a charming getaway

Plovdiv is the third largest city in Bulgaria. It combines the charm of several eras both in its architecture and its culture. It is certainly this impressive mix that earned her the election, along with Italy's Matera, European Capital of Culture in 2019. This year is therefore a milestone for Plovdiv. It will be discovered as events unfold, highlighting its rich heritage, from its Roman amphitheatre to its Renaissance houses

Rouen and Normandy, a maritime history

For a weekend getaway, there's no need to travel miles! Normandy is a real nest of greenery that extends along the coasts of the English Channel. The capital, Rouen, is well known for its splendid Gothic cathedral, represented on many occasions by the famous Claude Monet. This year, the quays of the Seine will host the Armada, an event that brings together ships from all over the world every four years. From June 6 to 16, the city will be celebrating. It will also be an opportunity to remember the Normandy Landings, which occurred 75 years ago

Sri Lanka, a guaranteed escape

This year, for a change of scenery, Sri Lanka is one of our favourites. Rice fields, tea plantations and Hindu temples make up the landscape of this region of lush nature. Sri Lanka has all the assets of a prime seaside destination, while possessing renowned cultural sites that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the holy city of Anuradhapura or the Golden Temple of Dambulla

Montenegro, the pearl of the Balkans

Between Croatia and Albania, Montenegro is a small country often unknown: and what a country erreur ! Authentic, its mountain landscapes immersed in unspoilt nature are the ideal setting for spectacular hikes. Kotor, a fortified medieval town on the west coast of the country, offers a splendid bay. The mouths of Kotor, mountains pierced by the sea, form a sumptuous landscape with a northern feel, bordered by the Adriatic

Jujuy, the other Argentina

A gigantic country, Argentina is not just about the long plains of Patagonia or the exhilarating Buenos Aires. The north of the country has splendid landscapes and authentic villages. In the province of Jujuy, a stopover in the Quebrada de Huamamaca is required, especially in the small village of Purmamarca. This is where the " Cerro de los Siete Colores " stands, an impressive mountain with seven bright colours that bear witness to the Stone Age. One of the most beautiful postcards for the year 2019 !

Ladakh or "Little Tibet

Arid and mountainous, the Ladakh region is an exceptional land. In northern Kashmir, India, it is located in the Himalayan range. Ladakh is famous for its spectacular landscapes and the hospitality of its inhabitants. From Leh, the capital, you have to discover its many monasteries on mountainsides and its impressive ecosystem where the green of the crops often mixes with the orange hues of the dry lands

Queensland and the unmissable Great Barrier Reef

Australia, a country on the continent, is a mythical destination that you could visit every year without ever getting tired of. Queensland, the quintessence of its natural beauty, is our favourite destination for 2019. This northeastern state, bordered by the Great Barrier Reef and many heavenly islands such as the Whitsundays, offers a wide range of activities for travellers: from scuba diving to relaxing on the beach

Belize, an unknown paradise

A very small country on the borders of Guatemala, Belize is often forgotten by travellers to Central America. However, it is a wonderful land that never stops bluffing that goes to discover it. Reserves and natural parks cover nearly 60% of its territory and are home to the world's second largest coral reef: it is the ideal destination for nature lovers. Belize also has a very rich heritage reminiscent of its Mayan origins

The Sultanate of Oman, treasure of the Thousand and One Nights

The Sultanate of Oman, between Yemen and the United Arab Emirates, is a real jewel open to the Indian Ocean. From the fjords of the Musandam Peninsula to the impressive Wadi Ghul Canyon, the country has countless natural beauties. Lulled by the steam of traditional incense, we will also discover Muscat, the capital, and its splendid Opera House. An authentic and preserved country, to discover from this année !

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