Isolated from the rest of the country, Musandam is an enclave in the territory of Oman located at the northern tip of the emirates. Bordered by the Persian Gulf to the west, the Strait of Hormuz to the north and the Gulf of Oman to the east, the region borders one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world: a highly strategic location! Only a few dozen kilometres from Iran, it jealously guards a rocky coast, cut into steep fjords, like a treasure hidden by the sea. These geological curiosities make the reputation of the peninsula and attract every year an increasing number of travellers, who approach the region from two sides: sea and land, cruises and trekking. It is through the fjords that traditional dhows weave their way in search of villages stuck at the foot of the cliffs, and to which no road can access. The water is calm and infinitely clear, bright green. Dolphins abound and follow the swirls of the old wooden boats: a spectacle that will leave a lasting impression on your heart! Underwater life, spared by mass tourism, also attracts enthusiasts as well as simple amateurs, who can have fun with a simple mask and snorkel! Pleasure of a colourful fauna and swimming moments in a quiet and warm street...
On the mountain side, the approach is rougher, less immediately seductive, but of a real richness in the end. For if the rocks at first appear arid, grey, bare, brutally cut out at the level of the sea, a perception of the landscape that is both more detailed and broader quickly reveals a surprising "architecture" to the traveller. Between the azure of the sky and the emerald reflections of the waves, the uncultivated rock becomes a land of contrasts, the monotonous greyness is colored in ochre-brown monochrome, the arid cuts impress by their power. Such is the strength of this unusual region, where time seems to have stopped at the borders, leaving behind the turmoil of a booming world. Agriculture and fishing remain the main activities of this enclave: economic poles almost as old as mankind...

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