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Finistère is a concentrate of Brittany, an advanced point in the ocean, where nature is not one but multiple, changing according to the light. Harmony, maritime tradition and love of the land are reconciled here in this space of magic and legends. León in the north, Cornwall in the south, part of the Trégor in the east are all territories that contain a rich culture, as much linguistic as heritage or historical. The main destinations are generally Brest and its four main museums of the Navy, Fine Arts, Tanguy Tower andCentre d'Art Passerelle. And Quimper and its three permanent museums: Beaux-Arts, Départemental Breton and Faïence. But don't miss Molène and Sein's incredible îles d'Ouessantones either. Or the capes of the Goat, Sizun or the tip of Pen-Hir. Bathed by the Gulf Stream, Finistère benefits from a microclimate, but also from different varieties of algae and good seawater quality, which are elements conducive to fitness. This destination has several seaside resorts, such as Roscoff, Bénodet, Loquirec and Douarnenez

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When to go to Finistère? Finistère can be visited all year round. Brest offers you many festivals all year round: Astropolis festival, printemps des Sonneurs, chant des Chapelles, short film festival... Hikers can walk on the marked trails with an ideal period from March to September but always with a good wax in the backpack! In summer, tourist numbers peak, but are spread over the rest of the year. From May to September, you will enjoy the beaches with more or less cool water; in general it is around 16-17°C. All year round, you will find local products and regional specialities that will delight your taste buds!

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Maisons bretonnes - S. NICOLAS - ICONOTEC
Phare du Portzic à l'entrée de la rade de Brest - Fortuné PELLICANO
Pointe Saint-Mathieu - Sémaphore, phare et abbaye - Fortuné PELLICANO
Molène vue de la mer - Fortuné PELLICANO

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When to travel?

When to go to Finistère? Finistère can be visited all year round. Brest offers you many festivals all year round: A...
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The dominant climate is the oceanic climate. Summers are rather beautiful and mild and winters are often rainy, windy...
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