Los Angeles County, with the City of Angels as its capital, encompasses 88 other neighboring municipalities and remains the most populous county in the country. It stretches from the San Fernando Valley in the north to the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the south, from the beaches of Malibu in the west to the San Gabriel Valley in the east. It is bounded by the counties of Ventura, Kern, San Bernardino and Orange.

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Hysteria : le nouveau travail de Cleon Peterson

If you're in Los Angeles right now, don't miss Cleon Peterson's "Hysteria" exhibition at the Over the Influence gallery. Born in Seattle in 1973, Peterson has exhibited all over the world and was, among other things, artistic director of Obey. In his paintings, sculptures and murals, Peterson has developed a distinctive graphic style, through which he depicts a psycho-social landscape torn apart by fear, violence, power and submission. ...

Les bonnes raisons de voyager avec Air Tahiti Nui

To discover the wonders of Polynesia or to travel to California, Air Tahiti Nui is the airline of choice. It offers multiple advantages and offers up to 7 rotations per week, from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle to Papeete and Los Angeles in direct non-stop flights, with possible continuities to Japan, Australia and New Zealand. On board, the crew and the surrounding atmosphere try to put you directly in the Polynesian atmosphere and it is partly ...

Conseil de lecture : Los Angeles revisitée par les dessins de Mariscal

Los Angeles is Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the stars of the Walk of Fame or the sun of California and the palm trees! To defy these clichés, Louis Vuitton's Travel Book collection invites a moment of escape by giving a blank page to renowned artists to revisit the most famous destinations. The meeting between Los Angeles and Javier Mariscal - a complete artist who has produced posters for Pedro Almodóvar and covers for The New Yorker, among ...