A few minutes drive from the city, we find ourselves in the middle of nature. In the same northern sector of Hollywood, this multi-faceted park is no ordinary place. There you can visit the observatory, the planetarium, the zoo, go for long walks and especially horse riding; in fact, just a few minutes from the city by car, you are in the middle of nature. The observatory, located next to the famous Hollywood Sign, inscribed on the hills, is particularly easy to spot. It includes the Hall of Science, the planetarium, the laserium. Perspectives on the current and future exploration of the solar system, and historical perspectives on astronomy in the time of the pharaohs, this is what the planetarium proposes, among others. In addition to the laser concerts and music at the laserium, you may prefer an open-air concert at the Greek Theater in the same park. Then wait on the lawns until dark, so that you can study the sky at the observatory. In the park, a giant bust of James Deam overlooks the city, in homage to the film Rebel Without a Cause shot here in 1955.

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