For the twentieth consecutive year, the Parc de Wesserling will host, from June 5 to October 9, 2022, the Festival des Jardins Métissés, an event allowing you to discover extraordinary and ephemeral gardens. This year, the Parc de Wesserling invites you to venture to Asia in the Gardens of Wonders, a theme inspired by the "Book of Wonders" of the explorer Marco Polo! You can discover the story of the great Kubilai Khan, former emperor of China, who ruled many Asian territories... As you stroll through these large spaces, you will find in our gardens several elements and creations inspired by this story.

On the program:
- Guided tours of the gardens (included in the entrance fee, except for groups)
- An amazing barefoot and sensory path
- An extraordinary textile and educational vegetable garden
- Garden events (Barefoot Trail Festival, Night Garden Festival, Vegetable Garden Festival, etc.)
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