You can reach this commune from the viaduct by taking a road passing in front of the remains of an abbey and colourful fields. La Flotte is above all a port where everyone stops, from the sailor to the tourist, eager to soak up this place full of history. Built in 1765, it has seen the departure of many ships loaded with the two treasures of the island, salt and wine. Today, sailboats and pleasure boats moor there, offering themselves a very special stopover in this port lined with bistros and restaurants. Asleep during the winter, waking up at the first fine days, the port is the beating heart of the village. Take the opportunity to rent a bike and discover this typical village and take a tour of the famous old port, have a drink on the terrace, go through the famous medieval market and enjoy the night market open every evening between July and August. In the plate, the unavoidable oysters, seafood, lamb and speciality of the island, its small potatoes grenailles which are eaten with the skin. It is hard to resist the numerous local products offered by shopkeepers renowned for their warm welcome. La Flotte has a rich heritage that deserves to be discovered. To discover: the Abbey of the Chateliers, the House of the Plantin, the Medieval market, the Fort of Prée which is the oldest military building of the island and the Church Sainte-Catherine dated from the 15th century for its oldest parts.

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