In Amiens, on the weekends of December at the time of the Christmas Market, a tradition that has become unique in France is proposed: the Nativity with rod and string puppets and songs. This is not a religious show but a revisited version of the story of the birth of a "tchot nazu" (little child) in a stable. And it is above all with the visit of a local hero Lafleur (also known as "ch'Lafleur" dressed in Louis XV clothes) who, with his truculent and Picardy talk, is going to change the course of history. He will thus visit King Herod, free his wife, welcome the shepherds and clean the stable after the sheep have passed. He will act as a butler for the Magi, fight with the soldiers, allow the flight to Egypt, etc.. This tradition dates back to the 18th century and is still alive in the Picardy capital. A great moment of popular theatre and unique in France. Without a doubt, you will be surprised by the quirky side. This is a revival (revisited in continuity!) of the Picaresk Company. To find out about the hall, ask about the programme of the Amiens Christmas Market. And it's free. Excerpts at: