Libourne, like some of its smaller neighbours, is a bastide town. It was actually built around a square surrounded by arcades; ideal for markets. Located at the confluence of the Isle and the Dordogne, the city has long occupied a strategic position. Sometimes an ally, sometimes a rival, the goddaughter of Bordeaux has known good periods of development. Founded in 1268 by Edward I, the city, which had a port, became the natural outlet for the wines of the Dordogne valley. Leyburnia enjoyed great prosperity. It is thus the second city after Bordeaux. Nowadays, Libourne is an urban municipality with more than 25,000 inhabitants, nestled between the two rivers. It lies at the heart of exceptional wine-growing areas such as Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac or Lalande-de-Pomerol... Less than half an hour from Bordeaux, one hour from the ocean beaches and served by the TGV, Libourne is a tourist destination of choice.

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