Castillon-la-Bataille is above all known for its famous battle of 17 July 1453. Moreover, it is the only village in France to have added "the battle" to its name in Latin "Castellum" which means fort or fortified castle. For a long time, the village was decisive and strategic, since it allowed to see the only crossing point to cross the Dordogne: the ford of Pas de Rauzan. The commune will take its present name in 1953. The battle that raged at the foot of the city marked the end of the Hundred Years War between the French and the English. In spite of the centuries that have passed, this battle remains in the memories, notably thanks to the very famous costumed historical re-enactment, which takes place near the castle of Castegens. Directed by Eric Le Collen, this nocturnal sound and light show takes place during the summer season. No less than 700 volunteers, including 450 actors and more than 50 riders, bring a piece of history to life on 7 hectares of stage! A great show not to be missed. But this is not the only wealth of Castillon-la-Bataille which also has an exceptional heritage: the church and the town hall of the 18th century, the Porte du Midi, the chapel of Sainte-Marguerite of the 12th century... The Dordogne adds to the commune a crazy charm. Whether along the water, along the lanes or in time, Castillon-la-Bataille will transport you for sure.

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