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What to see, what to do Normandy?

The 10 good reasons to go Normandy



This site attracts millions of visitors every year who are won over by its unique beauty.


Haras du Pin, Versailles du cheval

Founded under Louis XIV, this national stud farm is a jewel of heritage and equidae.


Dive into The City of the Sea

Climb aboard the submarine Le Redoutable and discover the incredible secrets of the ocean.

Normandy, land of festivals

Butterflies, Beauregard, Art sonic: in summer, the region vibrates to all kinds of music.

LA FALAISE D'AVAL ÉTRETAT (c) Martina Badini -

The cliffs of Etretat

Carved in a wilderness setting, these white chalk cliffs are monumental.


Historic Landing Beaches

On June 6, 1944, the Allies landed. Today, millions of visitors flock to the site.


The fabulous Bayeux Tapestry

Listed by Unesco, it retraces the conquest of England by William the Conqueror.


Monet's gardens at Giverny

The painter exercised his talents on the garden side to better sketch them on his canvases.


Lobster loves the Chausey Islands

Recognizable by its blue carapace, this crustacean loves the crystal clear waters of the archipelago.


Architectural heritage

The Basilica of Lisieux, the cathedrals of Rouen and Bayeux: jewels that cannot be ignored

What to visit Normandy?


Interview: MY NORMANDY

with Guillaume Eustache, author of the guide

He comes from Cherbourg, has lived in Caen and Le Havre, and spends most of his time on his Normandy land: Guillaume has been one of the authors of the Normandy guidebook for years. His desire? To make people discover his region, which he loves, and to share the best local spots. For him, Normandy is more than a territory: it's a way of life in its own right. Normandy, and proud of it!

See the video of the interview
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