Caen, the capital of Calvados, is an astonishing city. Dynamic and student, it is home to many cultural sites such as the Alexis de Tocqueville library and festivals such as Nördik Impakt or the Boréales. A gastronomic city, a city of architecture where the Middle Ages and reconstruction meet, a city of history that has lived through the conquest of Normandy and the dark hours of bombardment and occupation, Caen is surprising. If there is no shortage of cultural visits - two sumptuous abbeys among the largest in France (Abbey aux Dames, Abbaye aux Hommes), a castle (the largest in northern Europe), many churches (it was - let us not forget - called the city of a hundred steeples) and museums including the famous Memorial of Caen -, the walks are particularly pleasant there. Historic centre, beautiful shopping streets (Saint-Pierre, Froide, Caponière), majestic squares (Saint-Sauveur, du Théâtre), marina lined with restaurants and cafés, peninsula that makes itself a beauty 2.0, huge green spaces (bird hill, botanical garden, meadow) or more discreet (charming garden of the Luna Rossa): as any good tourist guide in Caen will tell you, the city is also the starting point for many escapades to the landing beaches or the green Norman Switzerland. One thing is certain, it is impossible to get bored in the capital of Calvados!

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When to go to Caen? Thanks to its unceasing dynamism and the many possible activities and visits, you can visit Caen all year round. Numerous museums and attractions, the proximity of the beaches and the Norman countryside, castles to visit, permanent festivities, quality accommodation and major events all year round (water sports, horticulture, music, cinema, live entertainment...) make Caen a lively city all the time. Nevertheless, the weather is less capricious between May and October. The pre-season (May and June) is perhaps the best time to do so.

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When to travel?

When to go to Caen? Thanks to its unceasing dynamism and the many possible activities and visits, you can visit Caen...
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The climate of Caen is often associated with rain. If this one is often present, it makes despite all the charm of th...
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Une édition du renouveau pour la Foire Internationale de Caen

The Caen International Fair will be like a real festival this year, with a very varied programme. The public who will join the Exhibition Centre will be able to discover multiple activities related to Street Art, take part in sports classes, culinary workshops and discover the know-how of Norman producers, listen to concerts and join the beauty and well-being areas for a massage or a Masterclass. Moreover, at the beginning of the fair, ...

Road trip à moto sur les routes de Normandie

A motorcycle tour in Normandy is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the many faces of the region. On the one hand, the trip reveals beautiful seascapes, beaches that have left their mark on history, but also inland, rural areas that invite you to stroll around, discovering the villages and the gastronomy. And don't forget to visit the big cities of the region, which have an interesting heritage and a rich cultural life. A motorcycle road trip in ...

Caen, balade printanière entre visites culturelles et églises remarquables

From the time of William the Conqueror to the present day, in the heart of the reunited Normandy, Caen is home to the headquarters of the Regional Council (Rouen is the capital). A dynamic city where cultural venues and festivals abound, a student city that is devilishly lively on Thursday evenings, a gastronomic city with countless restaurants, a city of architecture where the Middle Ages and the Reconstruction era stand side by side, a ...

Opération shopping été 2020 pour soutenir les commerçants caennais

The association "Les Vitrines de Caen" is organising a shopping operation this summer to support the shopkeepers of the Calvados capital. To take part and win a gift pack, nothing could be simpler, all you need to do is keep with you 3 sales receipts worth over €50 and 7 sales receipts worth over €20 spent in 10 different shops and restaurants in Caen. All the town's shopkeepers are taking part and once you have the right number of ...