Alanguie on the flowered coast, Deauville la Normande is the seaside resort of elegant and tasteful leisure activities. Located in Normandy, at the mouth of the Touques river, which a bridge spans to connect on the other bank Trouville-sur-Mer, Deauville is a poem. It immediately evokes multicoloured umbrellas and pretty beach cabins, the promenade of boards, racecourses, stud farms and movie stars, luxury hotels with designer boutiques, a famous casino and the very select establishment of sea baths. A must-see stopover for yachtsmen, Deauville, an internationally renowned city, knows how to charm its visitors with class, and invites you to admire the changing reflections on the sea from the deckchairs. And when it comes to the American Film Festival, you have another atmosphere and a whole show to choose from. With the rich programming of the International Centre, the small city becomes a cultural centre of international scope. Deauville is also a typical architecture with its timber-framed buildings, the town hall, the Normandy hotel, the station and other Belle Époque villas

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The best time to stay in Calvados and particularly in Deauville, as far as the weather is concerned, is from early April to late October, but those who are chilly will have to wait until June to swim. For everyone: always keep a raincoat handy, a light shower is never out of the question. You're in Normandy! The high tourist season is at its peak in the coastal seaside resorts in summer. In Deauville the highlights are the Jump'in de Deauville (mid-June) and the American Film Festival (late August/early September) without forgetting the calendar of horse races and horse sales and throughout the year cultural events through a particularly rich program.

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When to travel?

The best time to stay in Calvados and particularly in Deauville, as far as the weather is concerned, is from early Ap...
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Temperatures are never negative in Calvados. The sun is generous, but often interspersed with showers, the rainiest m...
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As every year since 2010, artists are invited to create new projects inspired by Deauville, such a unique territory between land and sea. The various photographic proposals take place in various places such as public spaces, the city centre, flagship monuments or the beach. The series presented are the product of the representation made by various photographers on this unique city, known for its coastline, as a resort for wealthy people or ...