The 10 most beautiful cruises in the world

Whether you're a lonely navigator or a lover of escapades, travel through the water is a good way to get out of its daily train. Synonymous with freedom and tranquility, the cruise is interested in an ever greater number of travelers for the activities offered on board, but also the varied itineraries that are offered. From Norway's blue lagoons to fjords, Petit Futé offers you its selection of the most beautiful cruises. It's a rough collision. 

N ° 10 - Sailing Corsica, to discover treasures of the Island of Beauty

Who said we had to go to the other end of the world to see sumptuous landscapes? Corsica is the ideal destination for a sailing getaway. Why do you deny it? The largest recreational harbors are located in the west or south of the island; Rent your sailboat or embark on a professional skipper for an unforgettable getaway! From Cape Corse to Bonifacio, the island of beauty boasts natural treasures and magic coves where freshness is refreshed during the warmest months. 

N°9- New Zealand, a cruise in the heart of the Pacific Ocean

Until the 1960s, New Zealand was only accessible by boat. Cruises are therefore very well established in this country! On board the ship, you will see splendid landscapes and above all you will discover endemic species such as elephant seals and fur seals. Take advantage of the southern summer to leave, the ideal is to embark in January when the sun shines all over the southern hemisphere

N°8- Sailing in the Gulf of Mexico, an unforgettable experience

The Gulf of Mexico is famous for its splendid beaches and typical landscapes. Cuba, Jamaica, California... The possibilities are numerous and the decorations are all mythical! What could be better than to travel from city to city aboard a comfortable ship? While sailing, keep an eye out! The calm waters could be disturbed by whales that come along the coast before your eyes..

N ° 7 - Mythical cruise in the British Virgin Islands

A favorite destination for cruise ships, the British Virgin Islands have all the characteristics of the paradise site: turquoise water, fine sand beach, palm trees… This archipelago of the Antilles, east of Porto-Rico, consists of many small islands that are easily traveled by boat: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada… We're already sipping a piña colada. Not you? 

N°6- The Galapagos Islands, an earthly paradise

Off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Archipelago is both a national park and a marine reserve: it is certainly one of the purest and most protected places in the world. Here, the fauna and flora are spectacular and different in each island: giant turtles, fur seals and even iguanas can be found. Impressed by this diversity, this is where Charles Darwin would have been inspired for his theory of evolution!

N°5- Sailing in the fjords of Norway

Change of scenery: direction Norway and its fjords! The charm of this cruise is incomparable... The softness of the changing lights contrasts with the imposing waterfalls as you stroll through the country's green mountains. The spectacle is breathtaking! It is also the opportunity to enjoy the midnight sun and to discover the many Norwegian villages where nature is queen

N ° 4 - French Polynesia cruise, this blue dream…

A sailing cruise in French Polynesia is the assurance of a constant wonder! Cocothird, paradise beach, necklaces of flowers and polynesian dancers… All the images you have always dreamed of are for a relaxing and relaxing stay in the Pacific. Raiatea, Huahine, Bora Bora, Tahaa: All these names make you dream? Don't wait any longer. 

N°3- An odyssey in the Cyclades

The Cyclades are a string of islands, each one more beautiful and characteristic than the other. Here, beauty seems to resist the passing of time, since the famous escapades of a certain Ulysses who made this archipelago mythical. Mykonos and its mills, Kea and its picturesque atmosphere, Santorini and its white and blue houses... You will be able to discover these small treasures scattered in the Aegean Sea during the cruise

N°2- Patagonia, a cruise to the end of the world

After sailing along Tierra del Fuego, passing by Cape Horn, you will arrive in Ushuaia and its atmosphere at the end of the world. The landscapes of Patagonia are true natural treasures, discovering them by sea is all the more exceptional. The imposing glaciers, the virgin forests and the spectacular fauna and flora will make your trip to Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia exceptional

N ° 1 - Discovering Egypt Over the Nile

The Nile Cruise is a must on a trip to Egypt. Some sites in the country are only accessible by boat! The main steps in Memphis, Louxor or Cairo lead us along the traces of the majestic ancient Egyptian civilization. But the most impressive is Gizeh, with his Sphinx, which looks after the three pyramids including Khéops, the only 7 wonders of the ancient world to be still standing. 

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