"Yes, this is the Bab-el-Mandeb they would cross tonight. For some time the coast remained straight. Then she'd run away. The Indian Ocean pushed the Gulf of Tadjourah into it like a wedge, and at the bottom of this gulf, surrounded by islands that bore the name of Devil's Islands, was the Gubbet-Kharab. " (Joseph Kessel, Square Fortune.)

The North of Djibouti, this region that wraps around the Gulf of Tadjourah, is often a favourite with visitors. The reason is simple: the Unity Road, which approximately connects Arta to Tadjourah, is excellent and allows you to reach breathtaking sites such as Lake Assal, the Goubet, the fault... quickly and effortlessly. In addition, there are many campsites and a wide variety of landscapes: marine, volcanic, desert, forest, mountainous.

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