Cape Siyan (Ras Siyan) is located north of Khor Angar. The tongue of sand bordered by mangroves leads to a relief in the shape of a shark's tooth, which dominates the sea from its 102m. During the migration period, tens of thousands of birds can be seen here. This peninsula is in fact an ancient volcano and is the "seventh brother" of the neighbouring archipelago. It used to be possible to climb up there and dominate the bay lined with superb shades of blue and see the Seven Brothers archipelago. This is where Hugo Pratt's comic strip, Desert Scorpions (Sea Breeze), begins, with a view of the Seven Brothers. It is also here that many ships of merchants and traffickers found refuge.

Ras Siyan is now inaccessible to travellers. The border area with Eritrea, which extends north of Khor Angar, remains strictly forbidden to visitors.

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