The idea of going to Djibouti, watchtower of the Red Sea and gateway to the Horn of Africa, is rarely born by leafing through a travel agency brochure. And yet... the name is dreamy. Djibouti, like Aden, Massaoua, Hodeïda, Suakin or Zeila, is one of those mythical ports that one discovers and learns to desire by reading travel writers. Monfreid, Kessel, Rimbaud, London, Kapuściński, Pratt and a few others have criss-crossed the waters and land of this region in search of images, sensations, fortune or even themselves. Their passion is communicative. The desire to go there too. But to discover and love Djibouti, one must, on arrival, put aside literary memories and military nostalgia, allow oneself to be surprised and try to understand who is who in this mosaic of peoples, in this nomadic country whose stability is praised, a hub of desires and hopes in a region where geopolitics is highly chaotic. Rock and silence, phenomenal winds, bush and sea. A land torn apart, a geologist's dream where the path of faults and subsidence of rifts can be read with an open book, underwater gardens, a pack of salt, multicoloured markets, monochrome deserts, science fiction landscapes. Sailboats on an endless beach with no sea. A port city that looks down to earth. A passion for a euphoric or... mortifying plant. Wild animals not so fierce. Stores and restaurants run by people of all nationalities. A beautiful and proud people, nomadic in soul or in practice. Africa, Arabia, some Europe and India. That's what's waiting for you.

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THANK YOU. Thanks to all those who contributed to the writing of this guide, in particular to Valérie from the Le Goubet agency, to Houmed Ali from the Safar agency, to her brother Kamil "Le guide", to Céline Monfort from the Dolphin Excursions agency and diving center. Finally, a big thank you to all those who, from near and far, unconditionally support me in my adventures around the world for the Little Face.

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