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Top 10 des endroits dans le monde où nager avec des requins-baleines

Swimming in the company of the largest marine species is one of those life-changing experiences. The whale shark is the largest fish currently living on Earth, with a size that varies from 4 to 14 metres and can even exceptionally reach 20 metres! It is easily recognizable with its checkered livery. The advantage of this fish, which moves quite slowly in the water, is that it is completely harmless to humans. It also likes to swim in warm ...

10 destinations coup de coeur pour voyager en parlant français !

You dream of discovering new landscapes, new cultures, but the language barrier frightens you a little? Don't worry, speak French opens many doors and borders around the world! From North America to West Africa, beautiful and sometimes unsuspected destinations await you. On this week of La Francophonie in the world, Petit Smart offers its 10 destinations where you can speak French. N° 10 - The oriental charm of MoroccoThe Maghreb remains ...

Les incontournables de la mystérieuse Djibouti

Confusing… If it takes a word to qualify Djibouti, it is this. Mysterious little piece of African land bordering the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, it offers a multitude of amazing landscapes shaped by the shock of tectonic plates overlapping there. On the sea side, Djibouti is the seasonal refuge of whale sharks, peaceful seas of the seas that let themselves be approached without fear in turquoise water. Djibouti's beauty is also its ...