Here, between Le Goubet and Lake Assal, lies an area unique in the world, a paradise for geologists and vulcanologists, a treatise on open-air geomorphology.

Few places in the world make it possible to contemplate with such ease the movements and perpetual work of the earth's crust. As in Iceland, one can walk on a very visible fault, especially since the eruption of Ardoukoba (opening of a 12 km long fault).

Volcano-mushroom, Ardoukoba was born and died in one week in November 1978. A real sea of black lava, shiny, sometimes smooth, sometimes tormented and chaotic, flows down between Ardoukoba and Le Goubet.

The whole is part of the manifestations of the magma that grows under the earth's crust. The beauty of the site surprised even Haroun Tazieff, an old volcanist.

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