You need a good 4x4 and a seasoned driver to reach Bankoualé from the N11. Once these conditions are met, the trip goes very well. The rocky track follows the relief. The landscape is really beautiful, quite green and curiously lit by acacias with bark as yellow as sulphur. We cross two small groups of traditional dwellings: Am'isso and Ardo. The first one is located on the mountainside. The second, known for its basketry craft (take a look at the small souvenir and decoration shop), is located in a parade and houses the school attended by children from the surrounding villages. We see them, in the morning and in the evening, walking the road, happy to be able to get into a pickup truck when it passes by. We take the dry course of a wadi where a discreet but clever irrigation system has enabled the creation of small village terraced gardens, real oases where bananas, papayas, peppers, vegetables grow...

The village of Bankoualé, which gave its name to a rare species of palm tree, is no bigger than its two neighbours. Only a few houses, above the riverbed and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The camp facing it, of identical architecture, is almost larger. Electricity doesn't come that far. No telephone network either. The villagers call out to each other from hut to hut, helped by the echo. Calls to prayer from the small mosque punctuate the days. The evening lights bring an ochre touch to this mineral decor punctuated with green, which one is deliciously imbued with. The atmosphere is singular and everything here calls for refocusing on the essential.

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