From Port Louis to Morne Brabant, it is 48 km between the sea and the mountains, whose shapes - often comical - unfold like a theatre set. The contrast is striking between the colour of the lagoon, the green of the inland, covered with cane at the height of Medina, and that of the primary forest in the spectacular Black River Gorges. The landscapes become steeper and wilder, reaching their peak in the Morne Brabant peninsula: one of the most beautiful parts of the island!

On the whole, the coast has kept an authentic aspect, except for Flic en Flac where there are many buildings in bad taste. The beach is nevertheless very pretty, as are the stretches of Tamarin (wild beach with rollers) and especially the Morne, dominated by the steep walls of the mountain.

It is one of the least watered regions of the island and, despite the presence of several rivers at the height of Tamarin and south of La Preneuse, drought sometimes prevails. The section of Flic en Flac/Wolmar, very touristic, benefits from a pleasant microclimate.

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