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Bourbon-Lancy is the only spa resort in Saône-et-Loire located on the right bank of the Loire, only 2 hours from Lyon and 3 hours from Paris. It is a medieval town to visit, nestled in a green setting suitable for hiking. It is 2000 years ago that the Celtic Aeduians saw in the springs a divine manifestation worth celebrating. The god of water and springs Borvo or Borno has the right to be mentioned, as does his female colleague Damona. Later, the Romans arranged the surroundings to take full advantage of the benefits and spectacle of these waters. It is already known that they cured rheumatism and other ailments. These baths were richly decorated and very popular and already resembled the stays that are taking place today, with diet to support it! The Revolution came to upset the situation and it was not until the 19th century that the craze started again with new facilities such as the New Water Hospital, in the former convent of the Visitandines or a more modern pool. A bottling plant came to put the sparkling water from the Lymbe under glass. Today, historical heritage, museums, thermal baths and casino are all good reasons to come and discover the town of Bourbon Lancy.

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