The Morne Seychellois National Park is the highest point of the archipelago with its 906 m of altitude. Created in 1979, it covers 3,045 ha and above all twists the image of Épinal, which would make the Seychelles just a lazy destination with its postcard beaches and island hotels. With its primary forest that extends over nearly 20% of the Mahelois territory, you are immersed in an atmosphere worthy of Lost or Jurassic Park. Although the park includes nearly a dozen different itineraries, some excursions and hikes are unforgettable.

Copolia. It takes about 1 hour one way to climb to the top of this peak (497 m). The start of the walk is in Val Riche, about 5 km from Victoria on the road to Sans Souci. Once up there, the view over Victoria and the Saint-Anne Marine Park is enchanting.

Morne Blanc. The starting point for this climb is the Tea Tavern, on the road to Sans-Souci. 200 m away, on the Victoria side, there is a fairly short but steep path (from 450 m to over 660 m!).

It leads to the heart of the Morne Seychellois National Park, whose flora is a real paradise for botanists. After crossing the tea plantations, we quickly enter a dense and humid forest, whose path ends on the imposing Morne Blanc (677 m). From the summit, the panorama looks out over the coasts of Mahé. The return journey must be by the same route, the round trip taking only one and a half hours.

Dull Seychellois. A sight to be earned! It's best to leave very early, and in the dry season, to conquer this dreary area whose summit, at 905 m, is the highest point within a 1,600 km radius. The path, at first passable, then narrower and narrower and more uncertain, starts from the place called l'Exil, on the road to Sans-Souci. The tourist office advises to take a guide for this ascent which is for good walkers. The walk will delight all lovers of tropical flora, part of the primitive vegetation (before colonization) having survived.

The Three Brothers. From the Water and Forests station at Sans-Souci, it takes three hours to reach the summit of the Three Brothers (699 m). The logging road gets narrower and steeper, but the effort is rewarded. From the top, there is an exceptional view of the northeast of the island and Victoria below.

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