The 115 islands of the Seychelles... no, the 116! Here is one that has sprung up from the ocean along the expressway that links the airport to Victoria, on the east coast. A new land reclaimed from the sea, born from what the Seychellois call "filling in". A 116th island linked to Mahé by a bridge, a link between the public domain... and private property. Facing the Morne Seychellois on one side and the national marine park from which the green peaks of Cerf and Sainte-Anne stand out on the other, this new flat, fish-shaped island seems to float in a symphony of turquoise blue and emerald green. Perfect for an exotic American-style second home, the designed projections of this ambitious private village are reminiscent of New World marinas. Ambitious, indeed, since on these 40 hectares of virgin land irrigated by 16 hectares of private canals, there are a few hundred apartments, the great majority of which are managed by the Eden Island Development Company Limited, a South African company, which would have invested more than 350 million dollars in this urban project. A real marina for pleasure boats, each of these dwellings has its own ring. Eden Island shelters in its calm and deep waters classic yachts and even small local boats from 10 to 15 m long. All of them benefit from the services of the long Marina House, the real navel of the site. The architect Raymond Alexander was inspired by the old planter's houses for the neo-creole architecture of this small village, whose red-roofed wooden houses are already a naïve décor in themselves with their perfect verandah for lounging in front of the palm trees. If apartments and duplexes are already a perfect pied-à-terre within this well-guarded island, it is of course the villas that constitute the top of this Eden. Very open and airy, with a floor area of 250 to 600 m², on one or two floors, they have two to six bedrooms. High ceilings, wooden and tiled floors, large connecting doors opening onto the veranda and the private swimming pool sometimes... In short, almost enough to forget the surrounding leisure activities (tennis, gymnastics, diving...): bars, restaurants, shops, a supermarket and a business centre are also progressively being created in this seaside village, a new centre of life accessible to the Seychellois (apart from housing).

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