At 11  km from Valjevo, this village is a popular place for cultural tourism. Take the road to Šabac, and just after the village of Brankovina (which is not signposted), on the descent, notice the sign on the left, in Cyrillic, indicating Turist - Kompleks Brankovina. Step into the forest and you will soon arrive at the historic village, recognizable by the wooden hedges surrounding it. Situated in an idyllic setting, this village founded in the XVe  century became in the 19th century the cradle of the famous Nenadović  family: the knez Aleksa, the voivode Jakov and the pope Mateja, in addition to the famous Sima and Ljuba. The Brankovina school also welcomed the poet Desanka Maksimović to its benches. A combination that makes this village the most visited by Serbs. Starting the visit from the left, you will discover the church of the holy archangels Michael and Gavrilo, built in 1830 on the site of several small wooden churches, burnt by the Turks.

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