True heart of the park, the hamlet of Mitrovac is the starting point for hikes but also an authentic place to sleep. To find Mitrovac from the south, coming from Užice for example, when you reach the top of the park, turn left after the Zeleni chalet Čardaci, then follow the road on 20 km in the forest. In a bend, without any indications, is Mitrovac. It is from here that you will leave for the most beautiful walks, such as the one around Lake Zaovina (follow the sign for Spajići). A park information house is located in the hamlet, next to Lovački Dom. From Mitrovac, take the path on the right at the end of the hamlet following the sign "Banjska Stena" (path no. 9 - 9a). In 2 hours of walking through the most beautiful landscapes of the park, you will arrive at the most famous viewpoint: on a rocky promontory, you dominate the Drina Gorge by several hundred meters.

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