When Emir Kusturica shoots his film Life is a miracle, he falls in love with the region and warns a peak which dominates the valley of Mokra Gora. He buys the land and builds his house, in the spirit of the old houses of the region. The site, named Drven grad in Serbian, was named Küstendorf by Emir Kusturica, without we know why, since in German it means village on the coast...

The location is magical, the view sumptuous, and Kusturica decides to turn it into an ethno village which is at the same time a life-size movie studio. You will be able to walk through a village in Western Serbia, as it was at XIXe siècle, with its wooden houses as they were in the surrounding area. Church, library, art gallery, swimming pool and of course a cinema were perfectly integrated into the town planning and architecture of the time. At the local poslastičarnica, Coca-Cola is replaced by the delicious boza, the fresh and sweet beverage that used to be drunk in all the pastries at pays ! Above all, the site is actually a hotel, with a main establishment and maisonettes, most of which were designed as small apartments.

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