We are invaded daily by graphic design, but how do we read these images, and how do we appropriate them? For its first edition of the graphic design biennial, LE TRACé proposes another way of reading and understanding art.

Three exhibitions with free entrance, to be discovered in the 3 places constituting LE TRACé in Echirolles.

- 2DGREES-PÉTITION, IMAGE BANK AND CLIMATE EMERGENCY (Centre du Graphisme) : How does a digital platform conceived as a call for graphic projects become a visual petition and a tool to raise awareness about climate disruption? Created in 2018, 2dgrees-petition invites creators from all countries to build a huge bank of images committed to the climate. An artistic approach and a deeply collaborative reflection, to not exceed the 2 degrees target set by the COP 21....

- MARCHIALY, À LIVRE OUVERT, UNE IMMERSION DANS LA FABRIQUE DU RÉEL (Musée Géo-Charles): This collective, which is part of the British Private Press movement of the late 19th century, refuses the notion of commodification and seeks to return to the materiality of the book in a semi-artisanal approach. With texts flirting between true stories and tales of exploration, illustrations made in linocut, or typographies elaborated to measure, the works of the Marchialy editions are in the honor of this course where the whole graphic chain is reconstituted.

- READY'DIGIT, DIGITAL SUBVERSIONS AND DIGITAL SUBMERSIONS (Musée de la Viscose) : Dive into 3 digital universes carried by very different visions: commissioned work, interest in the memory trace or experimental generative art. The color and sensuality of Léa Zhang's digital graphics, Benjamin Bardou's ghostly images in augmented reality and Julien Gachadoat's real utopias in demomaking are sublimated, through an immersive scenography where all the senses are solicited.
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