Perched at 967 m, Cauterets is a pretty village, in a solitary valley surrounded by forests, where fir trees grow in abundance. Situated at the bottom of the valley, where icy torrents rush down and where hot springs gush out of the granite at 55°C, this village owes its name to this paradox between the hot caut and the cold ret. In 1766, the carriage road will allow the golden age of Cauterets, which will see Chateaubriand, George Sand, Flaubert, Victor Hugo, etc. pass by during the 19th century. The arrival of these worldly people will transform the landscape around them, as well as the face of the village: walking facilities, open viewpoints, original architecture as evidenced by the station at the pace of the Far West ... The station continues to benefit from its natural resources. With the addition of water and white gold, Cauterets in the 1960s became a complete winter sports resort, with one area for downhill skiing and another dedicated to cross-country skiing, and numerous leisure-oriented infrastructures in the village. In the summer, the magic continues to operate at the Pont d'Espagne, one of the great sites of the Hautes-Pyrénées where the lord of the place, the Vignemale massif, reigns supreme.

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