This park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. At the entrance to the Ordesa Park, Savisé offers a starting point for horse riding, walks through the woods or cross-country skiing circuits. Created in 1918, it now covers 15,600 hectares.

Dominated by the Las Tres Sorores massif, with three peaks, Monte Perdido, Cilindro and Soum Ramond, it is an impressive set of cliffs, rocky masses, canyons (Ordesa and Anisclo), gorges (Eschain), gorges and cirques (So Caso, Cotajuero, la Carriata), not forgetting the frozen lake of Marbore. A landscape that is not without reminding, all things considered, the great canyons of Colorado with, here and there, vertiginous plumbs.

High mountain areas, devoid of vegetation except for edelweiss, alternate with more accessible areas and wooded mainly with fir, beech and shrubs. Here live chamois in large numbers, but also foxes and wild boars. Rarer, the ibexes: these large wild goats of the Pyrenees, observable with binoculars and whose species, very recognizable by its spiral horns, is becoming rare.

Other inhabitants of the area: otters, polecats, martens and dormice, and golden eagles. The main access to the park is located next to the village of Torla and allows you to discover the Ordesa Valley, dating from the Ice Age, in a U-shape that runs from east to west.

The other three roads of the National Park can be reached from the Ainsa road, in the direction of France.

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