Situation. The village is known by two names: Брезовица/Brezovica in Serbian (pronounced "bre-zo-vi-tsa") and Brezovicë/Brezovica (similar pronunciation). It has about 70 inhabitants (64% Serbs and 34% Albanians) and is part of the municipality of Štrpce. It is located 12 km south of Štrpce, 47 km east of Prizren, 84 km south of Pristina (via Štrpce).

Description. This hamlet perched at an altitude of 1,015 m in the Šar Mountains National Park was famous for its ski resort. Created in 1954, it developed rapidly and became Plan B for the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics. With 128 "skiable" days per year, Brezovica had a lot to offer. But a large part of its equipment (five chairlifts and five t-bar lifts, 16 km of pistes) no longer function due to lack of maintenance. Skiing in Brezovica is therefore aimed at freeride enthusiasts rather than families. The French Compagnie des Alpes threw in the towel in 2016. Waiting for an angel investor, the inhabitants are uniting to save their station. Brezovica has even become one of the few places in the country where Serbs and Albanians really work together.

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