Alpine resort at 38 km south-east of Valjevo, perched on the peaks of the Maljen massif, Divčibare is located at 980 m high above sea level and surrounded by the rounded Maljen mountains. Very pleasant in all seasons, it blows a fresh wind from the Mediterranean that airs the atmosphere and limits rainfall (924 mm per year). The climate is therefore dry, with temperatures averaging around 18°C. During the Serbian continental summer, many locals go up to Divčibare to seek refuge in the shade of the forests and stroll through the great meadows. This exceptional climatic situation explains why Prince Miloš Obrenović chose this site as early as 1822 as a summer resort. Although between the two wars it took more than 15 hours by train to get there, Divčibare became popular in the 1930s, and beautiful wooden villas and cottages were built there by wealthy Belgrade residents. It is even said that at the time, the only hotel in the resort served only French and Hungarian food! Today, the high bourgeoisie has gone elsewhere, leaving behind very interesting 1930s villas made of woodwork on stone foundations. Three buses from Valjevo and one from Belgrade will take you there. But the main interest of Divčibare, apart from its magical location on this high plateau with a powerful charm, is that the resort has remained very small. Indeed, nothing to do here with Zlatibor and its hundreds of villas. The impression of living in a mountain hamlet contributes to the charm of the place, and so much the worse if the ski lifts and ski slopes are few and far between... Divčibare, it is first of all a marvellous environment favourable to long promenades  : mushrooms, narcissus, wild strawberries and blueberries are just waiting for you along 6 marked trails (several routes from 40 min to 6h). For the more sporty, there are also 4 protected reserves in the middle of the forest, with the Crna Reka canyon, or the Skakalo waterfall on the Manastirici river. During the four snowy winter months, 4 ski slopes from 300 to 800 m in length await you : peu spectacular, they may bother seasoned skiers, but the quietness of the place and the landscape will delight others.

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